Friday, June 09, 2006

It's so hard to be Mark 
Originally I was going to title this post with a reference to the song 'The End' by The Doors, one of my all time favorite songs and bands. However, after the events of the day I decided to instead quote my sister, who used to sarcastically repeat that phrase during our lunches while she was in grad school and I a freshman at UT. I arranged my schedule to be off from Thursday afternoon to Monday afternoon and after I reminded her at our Thursday lunch each week of my busy plans for the remainder of the day she would reply that it must be so difficult to be me.

After a wet and wonderful graduation ceremony, with a solid D+ speech from Dean Light (there's grade disclosure for you!), we hung out at the reception for a while before heading back for a pre-dinner nap. We had dinner at Ristorante Fiore, the site of our first North End dinner over admit weekend over two years ago. After a delicious and enjoyable dinner I decided that yes, it is hard to be me.

I've decided to end my blogging career, at least for the time being, with this business school blog. Sadly enough there won't be a BCG (oops, I let it slip!) or Chicago blog forthcoming. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, the last two+ years have really been something special. I hope to wrap this up with a table of contents, but this could be The End. As Tex would say, Good bye, and good luck!

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